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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of achieving a high natural position on search engines. If 100 people search for the Taunton hardware store per month and get the first result, you will get about 70% of the search engine hits - 70 people. There are dozens or even hundreds of potential search terms people use to find a business or service for most companies.

Our first step in SEO is to identify the most profitable search terms for your business to get a ranking. Dot Pixel believes in having a completely transparent SEO program for all of your clients so that you have a complete picture of the work done and the result you want. Of course, it is impossible to guarantee results with a complex, opaque algorithm, but our software guarantees that you will grow over time.

When we work with you, we will first do extensive large-scale research to determine which of your most profitable company is profitable. Then we define a series of short-term goals in the long run for your business. As soon as we have great words, we determine your rivals in each part of your company. This allows us to choose keywords that can be easily arranged. In the most competitive areas, keywords can be very competitive - by analyzing competition, we can identify realistic costs to achieve our country and our country. As soon as we discuss with you, we will check a complete review about the point.

web design
web design

SEO agency in London, UK

To record all your pages, the content is adequately improved, the structure of the connection on the site is correct, and your descriptive description has improved to increase the plugins that your website has the accurate text robots, alternate image marks, no pages for Download optimization is not accessible. Including improvements on the site that your website can properly crawl and index by search engines - especially as they can read their website correctly. Improved search engines, which is typically called SEO, create an opportunity to clarify natural and biological search engines, leading to sales and profitability and return to our customers. Our SEO service group includes out-of-page buildings, connectivity construction, keyword screening, strategy, and activity reports for targeted keywords.

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